1. New and hard to find firearms may not be eligible for Layaway.
  2. No Layaway on special orders.
  3. All firearms on Layaway are for the client on the Layaway account—NICS will process the one client on the account.
  4. Any item must be a minimum of $200 to be eligible for the Layaway Program.
  5. You must put 20% down at the time of the Layaway.
  6. There is a $25 surcharge for non-members and there will be no surcharge for members.
  7. Several payments may be made during the 90 day period or one final payment may be made at the time of pick up.
  8. If, after 90 days, we have not received payment in full, your Layaway Plan will automatically be canceled, and any/all payments will NOT be refunded.
  9. If your Layaway is canceled prior to 90 days your 20% deposit will not be refunded.
  10. Items on Layaway may not be changed after the deposit has been made.
  11. Under NO circumstances will a Layaway be extended past 90 days (the only exception being a delay on NICS that extends past the 90-day window).
  12. PLEASE NOTE: If a denied response provided by NICS comes back, all payments will be refunded less the $25 surcharge. All items on Layaway are the property of Frontier Justice until paid in full and background checks clear.
  13. No items will be retrieved from Layaway for a client after the initial contract until final payment and pick-up. Sales Associates will be unable to show you the firearm at payments or for any other reason, until final payment is made and the 4473 is complete.